Trash Collection Division

  1. All residence shall be provided one (1) container at no charge to properly store one (1) week's accumulation of refuse.
  2. Residential households who regularly exceed one (1) container of garbage a week may obtain an additional container for an additional fee of Five Dollars ($5.00)
  3. Only bagged refuse in the container shall be collected. Additional refuse left on the ground will not be picked up.
  4. Household material that will not fit into the container such as appliances, furniture, large boxes, etc. may not be set out with the regular garbage.
  5. The container shall be placed in such a manner as not to interfere with tree branches, parked cars, vehicular traffic, or in any other way that would constitute a public hazard or nuisance.
  6. Each resident shall be responsible for keeping the container clean and sanitary in compliance with health and sanitation requirements.
    1. Disposal of diapers, animal feces, and cat litter: All diapers, animal feces cat litter, and similar wastes shall be placed in durable plastic bags adequately sealed before being placed into the refuse container.
    2. Disposal of paints, stains, and similar materials: Paints, stains, and similar materials still in their liquid form shall not be placed in the refuse containers and shall not be collected by the department of public works as part of regular collection.
    3. Hazardous Materials: Highly flammable, combustible, of hazardous materials shall not be placed in refuse containers and shall not be collected by the department of public works and part of the regular collection. Such materials shall be disposed of as prescribed by state and local laws.
    4. Syringes and other medical waste: All syringes and other medical waste shall be placed in sealed, puncture-proof containers before being placed in a refuse container for the collection of the department of public works or the authorized collector.
  7. The container shall not be painted, abused, mutilated, altered or modified in any manner.
  8. Scavenging and salvaging is unlawful. No person shall remove or attempt to remove or attempt to remove material from any refuse container belonging to another person or business. All material placed in refuse container shall be property of the City of Celina